Ardıç Glass got into this industry to engage in retail sale of glass in 1985, and expanded its field of activity starting to operate in the wholesale of glass and the production of heat insulated glass in 1992 considering the fast development in the glass industry.

Ardıç Glass became a dealer of Turkey Bottle and Glass Factories in 1995 and started to manufacture within its factory of an enclosed area of 1,800 m2 in the same year.

Today, Ardıç Glass continues to lead the industry in its facilities of an enclosed area of 35,000 m2 equipped with the state-of-the-art technology production systems manufacturing 500,000 m2 of heat insulated glass and selling more than 60,000 tons of flat glass on a yearly basis and, offering high quality products.

Aiming for excellence at all times, Ardıç Glass is capable of processing glass, the essence of the nature, with zero-touch, using the cutting edge technologies, at all stages from stowing to cutting, in every quality and size as may be required by its customers

It has also the necessary capacity and qualification to manufacture all types of chemical materials required by the industry under the brand Ardıç Chemicals.
Ardıç Cam leaves a mark in every area from houses to commercial and architectural buildings at every stage from production to application offering quality and reliability.

Ardıç Glass employs professionals and teams of specialists equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to manufacture its products at the TSE standards offering world class production services.

Glass is prepared for cutting by means of an advanced computer system and cut at the full-automatic cutting lines with zero-touch. Glass of all sizes and all qualities meeting the various requirements of the industry is cut by the state-of-the-art technology cutting machineries under the supervision of specialist personnel and offered to the customers.

At the glass processing production line, the sides and edges of glass of different thickness and sizes are polished by CNC-controlled and full automatic machineries under the supervision of specialist personnel. This process is divided into tape grinding, straight grinding, c-grinding and beveling.

Ardıç Glass allows you to build your future offering you different products in almost every areas from Heat-Insulated Glass to Decorative Glass, Frosted Glass to Laminated Glass, and Security Glass to Decorative Glass Furniture.

Surface treatments include enamel prints, during which glass surfaces are painted in RAL colors and patterns as may be chosen by customers with serigraphic molds and rolls through machineries controlled under computer environment by experienced personnel at the facilities of Ardıç Glass, and sandblasting, during which glass surfaces are drilled with drilling bits of different diameters, and then abraded and opacified by silica sand. In addition, a digital glass printing machine that is available at the facilities of Ardıç Glass is made use of to apply ultraviolet resistant, high resolution graphical designs and photographical images directly on glass.

There are 3 tempering lines used for the manufacturing services at the facilities of Ardıç Glass: 2 straight tempering lines and 1 curved and straight tempering line. Tempered glass that is durable 5 times non heat-treated glass is shattered into parts in the size of a dice with no sharp edges reducing the risk of injury, and this is why it is used as security glass.

Laminated glass is manufactured when two or more glass plates are combined under heat and pressure with the help of special binding layers thanks to the expertise of Ardıç Glass. This type of glass is resistant to shatters and ingresses after breakage, and together with glass with an increased resistance to bullets, it is commonly used in such locations where there are security issues such as human health as well as thefts and attacks.

Insulated Glass; insulated glass designed to meet your needs for heat insulation, sunlight control, noise control, security and safety and, blind insulated glass with a wide range of colors practically controlled manually and by a remote control are carefully manufactured at the facilities of Ardıç Glass.

Ardıç Glass is leading the industry thanks to its superiority in technology, which is its biggest advantage in production.

Our Vision

We operate as a company with a mindset to keep up pace with technology, offer a range of products above the standards making investments in people and machinery, meet the requirements and needs of its customers and, become irreplaceable for the industry.


Our Mission

We aim to reach high standards and set a higher bar for customer satisfaction by means of employing personnel who are determined to meet the needs and requirements of the customers in the shortest time using the state-of-the-art technology.


Ardıç Glass offers solutions that make life easier with a higher production capacity.
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500.000 m²


60.000 ton



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